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How to invest in gold in 2024 - Top 5 ways to make money from buying and selling gold

How to invest in gold in 2024

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Gold trading analysis today

These days... everyone lives in difficult economic conditions and times due to global conflicts, such as wars spreading between countries, in addition to diseases that have spread widely recently, as investors today resort to investing in gold due to the continuous rise that the gold index is now enjoying.

With inflation rising around the world, investors are looking for safe ways through which they can achieve a significant record of gains.

Why do investors prefer gold?

Investors prefer gold for many reasons:

- They see gold as a store of value unlike investing in currencies.

- Some people believe that gold is a safe way to protect against inflation.

** Below are 5 various ways that will make you able to invest money in gold.

1. Gold bullion

One of the most common ways to own gold is to buy it in the form of bars or coins, as you will feel good when you look at and touch them.

In order to make a profit, gold traders depend entirely on the rise in the price of the commodity. This is in contrast to the owners of companies such as the “Gold Mining Company,” as this company can produce a lot of gold and achieve more profits, which leads to increased investment in this field.

You can buy gold bullion in many ways, you can buy through popular sites such as APMEX, JM Bullion, or even from a local dealer.

2. Gold futures contracts

Gold futures contracts are a good way to speculate on the continuous rise and fall in gold prices, as you may even be able to obtain gold if you want at any time.

The biggest advantage of using futures contracts to invest in gold is that you can own many of these contracts for gold for a small amount of money, and when gold futures contracts move in the indicators that you chose, you can then make a lot of money very quickly.

3. ETFs that own gold

If you don't want to own gold in your hand or deal with futures contracts, a great alternative is to buy an exchange-traded fund. The goal of ETFs is to match the performance of the price of gold minus the annual expense ratio.

The big advantage here is that it can be easily exchanged for cash at the market price, just like selling stocks so gold ETFs are more flexible than physical gold and you can easily trade them from the comfort of your home.

Ultimately... these ETFs allow you to avoid the risks of owning physical commodities, protect your gold, and obtain all of your holdings.

Top 5 ways to make money from buying and selling gold

4. Mining stocks

Another way to benefit from the rise in gold prices is to own mining companies that produce these metals.

This may be the best alternative for all investors, because it enables them to profit in many ways. For example, if the price of gold rises, the mine’s profits will also rise.

5. ETFs that own mining stocks

Gold miner mutual funds give you exposure to the largest gold miners on the market, and because these funds are diversified across institutions you won't be hurt too much by the poor performance of just any one miner.


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