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Where do cryptocurrencies go after the death of their owner?

Where do cryptocurrencies go after the death of their owner

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Wealth has no owner

After the expansion of the scope of trading and investment operations, especially in digital currencies, some people have a very important question, which is where do the wealth go after the death of its owners, and how can the heirs obtain that money?

Since there is no regulating body for this matter, there are no methods available to prove whether the deceased person owned a digital currency or not, so the relatives of the deceased person cannot obtain anything from this inheritance.

What will happen to cryptocurrencies after the death of their owner?

Many statistics revealed that the number of holders of the most widely traded currency in the world, which is “Bitcoin”, alone, has exceeded 40 million people around the world. As we mentioned above, the crypto markets do not have any way to know whether a person may own a digital currency or not, and as a result, no The legal heirs inherit these digital currencies, which they are entitled to, especially since digital currencies constantly witness huge rises from time to time.

the solution

To prevent such situations from recurring, owners of encrypted digital currencies must ensure that there is someone who has knowledge of their digital wealth and ways to access it if an emergency occurs, in addition to sharing passcodes with people they trust.

This may be the only solution to this problem, that is, some trusted people sharing about these currencies and how to obtain them in the event of death.

A coin less than a cent is rising like crazy

The crypto market was surprised today by the rapid rise of one of the most promising digital currencies, surpassing Elon Musk’s skyrocketing currency, “Dogecoin.”

This came after the announcement of the signing of a partnership contract with the company issuing this currency. During these moments of today’s transactions, Tuesday, November 1, a new currency called “Shine” recorded record highs of more than 40%.

Chain now coin

Founded in 2014, Chain has raised millions of dollars in funding from major international companies. It is a promising currency these days for trading.

Shine surged following the new decisions regarding the partnership, moving from levels of $0.04774 to $0.06653, as Shine now ranks 42nd among the largest cryptocurrencies in terms of marketing value.

** Important warning... This topic does not express a recommendation for a specific currency, but rather is merely a monitoring of the movement of market fluctuations. Trading in encrypted digital currencies contains great risks, the most important of which are: losing some or all of your money, and it is not subject to regulatory authorities. A supervisory authority that protects your money.

Dollar against pound today

The US dollar continued to rise, as its price at the Central Bank exchange office today rose by about 6 piasters against the Egyptian pound in official trading today.


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