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How much does YouTube pay for a million views - the conditions for making a profit from YouTube after the 2023 updates

There are many articles that talked about profit from YouTube channels on many sites, and today I intend to add a new article in which I talk about the conditions for making profit from YouTube after the 2023 updates. Completely free for every Arab young man who dreams of making money from YouTube.

Now I will provide you with a comprehensive guide that you can use to become a real and successful YouTuber, capable of bringing in thousands of visits consistently and in legal ways that are commensurate with the policies of Adsense and YouTube.

How much does YouTube pay for a million views - the conditions for making a profit from YouTube after the 2023 updates

The concept of profit from YouTube

If you want to get an immediate answer without introductions about the conditions for opening a YouTube channel and profiting from it, and when does the profit from YouTube 2023 start? In this topic you will find an answer to all your questions.

Because of the economic conditions in which we live now, we find that many people are seeking the idea of how to profit from YouTube, as we find that one of the recent common questions on Google search engines revolves around searching for knowledge of the rate of YouTube profits and their conditions that can be achieved for profit on a monthly and continuous basis.

Why is YouTube earnings a means that everyone seeks?

  • Video is generally one of the most important means of communicating any idea you want in an easy and simple way.

  • Internet users often do not want to search a lot for the information they need, as they prefer to view everything that is available on social media with the least effort, and this is what YouTube videos are distinguished for.

  • YouTube videos are now a platform that attracts billions of users every month.

  • Because of the "YouTube Monetization Studio" system, content creators are more motivated to work in this technical field wholeheartedly.

  • Every person who has a new passion or idea at this time, YouTube enables him an opportunity to express that through the YouTube profit activation system, to turn this interest into a good opportunity to make a profit.

In short, YouTube has become a small online version of the world of cinema in a more flexible way.

YouTube Monetization Requirements in 2023

As for the answer to the question of when does the profit from YouTube start, the profit from YouTube may start when you adhere to the policies and rules of the YouTube Partner Program well, then achieve 4 hours of viewing for your videos, then your channel achieves 10,000 subscribers, in the last 12 months.

But if you intend to profit from Reals YouTube videos, you must achieve the condition of 10 million valid views in the last 90 days.

After fulfilling these conditions, open and create an account on Google AdSense, and then link it to your YouTube channel.

** Read the YouTube Partner Program policies to monetize YouTube

How much does YouTube pay for 1,000 views?

Let us explain the answer to this question in bullet points to make things easier for you.

  • YouTube does not give money for views, but the profit you are looking for comes to you through the ads that appear on your video, which Google Adsense is responsible for.

  • Let's make it short for you.. No one can tell you a fixed number that you can get when you get a thousand views on your YouTube channel, but what we can tell you, dear followers of our esteemed website, is the approximate average profit rate from YouTube.

How much does YouTube pay for 1000 subscribers?

After you were able to fulfill the YouTube terms that we talked about above, in order to be able to place ads on videos and make a profit for your views.

We can now tell you that the average revenue per thousand views ranges from 30 cents to 3 dollars, depending on the type of visits and clicks and the countries you target.

Click on YouTube legitimately

The following factors are the basis for determining the price per click in Google Adsense, as they contribute significantly to the high rate of YouTube profits:

The country of visits: The video on which visits come, or as it is called "views" from the State of America, for example, is completely different from the video whose views come from Arab countries.

The duration of the visitor’s stay in watching the video: the video that he watches for the last minute gets a better chance of displaying ads on it, and thus gets better profits.

The quality of your content: The higher the quality of your channel's videos, the higher your chances of making enough profit.

How much does youtube pay for 1 million views

One of the common questions regarding this global platform, supposing that the profit return on your YouTube channel is one dollar per thousand visits, then the cost of a million visits is as follows: divide one million by one thousand and multiply the result by one, so that becomes “1000000/1000” * 1 = 1000 dollars.

YouTube earnings

Tips to increase the level of profit and click on YouTube

  • Create a YouTube channel in a niche with a high CPC value to attract high priced ads.

  • Create high quality videos to get more views.

  • Encourage followers to watch the videos until the end.

  • Redouble your efforts in marketing campaigns to get the largest number of YouTube subscribers.

  • Continuity in making the most important thing in getting good views.

Adsense alternatives to profit from YouTube

You may have seen that many YouTubers appear to get rich quickly suddenly, the idea here is simply that these YouTubers do not rely mainly on Adsense ads to make profits, but they have other methods that give them greater profits without Adsense, for example:

1. Profit from marketing a specific product: If you own a product of your own, you can market it through your YouTube channel and achieve thousands of pounds from additional sales.

2. Profit from commission marketing: Affiliate marketing is one of the great means of profit that can be used besides YouTube, which we talked about in this topic (simple online business ideas for beginners).

3. Profit from sponsors: If you can attract a major corporate sponsor to market their products, you can make additional profits without Adsense through that.

4. Profit from YouTube affiliation: It is a good strategy that YouTube added to benefit YouTubers in making money.

How to withdraw profits from YouTube

There are many ways in which money can be withdrawn from YouTube, and these methods include:

  • Withdrawal of profits by bank transfer, which requires that you have a bank account and link it to the Google AdSense service.

  • Withdrawing money through checks, as this method exposes you to losing some money as a commission added to this service, and it also takes a long time.

  • Withdrawing YouTube profits via Western Union, this payment method may require personal information so that you can easily spend it.

Steps to link the YouTube channel to the Adsense account 2023

  • Click on the word (Make Profit) on the right of the screen.

  • Click Get Started at the top of google adsense.

  • Enter your YouTube password.

  • Choose your Google account to link it to AdSense.

  • Enter basic country and location information.

  • After you submit your review request, you must wait until you receive an acceptance message from adsense youtube.

Are YouTube earnings monthly?

And the answer is yes, YouTube profits come to you on a monthly basis, but when the balance exceeds the minimum payment, then you can get your payment between the 25th: 26th of the month.

What are the videos that attract people?

  • Live broadcast videos.
  • cooking videos.
  • music videos.
  • Fashion and fashion videos.
  • technology videos.
  • Educational videos.
  • Challenge videos.

Top 10 highest paid celebrities on YouTube

Celebrities of the world's most famous video site (YouTube) have managed to make millions of dollars in the recent period, and here is a list of the most expensive celebrities on YouTube:

1- YouTuber Mr. Best

This YouTuber topped the list of YouTube celebrities with the highest income, even becoming one of the highest-earning artists in the world.

2- The YouTuber MarkiPlayer

This man was able to achieve strong sales of international fashion that he offers, which is the main reason for his wealth.


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