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A new starting point.. Currencies today amid the shine of Bitcoin


A new starting point.. Currencies today amid the shine of Bitcoin

Why did the currency market rise today?

Today, the digital currency markets witnessed a huge rise, as the total market value of digital currencies has reached new heights, reaching $1.15 trillion now.

According to the statistics of many crypto sites, cryptocurrencies were able to achieve significant increases this week in conjunction with the crises of global banks, as “Bitcoin” the most popular digital currency exceeded about $27 thousand, and Ethereum also rose to record $1777.

Bitcoin shines again

Amidst the astonishment of a large number of investors today, the largest and most famous cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin, managed to record its highest rates since a year ago, as it now amounts to about $27,359.

Digital currencies could double in price this year

Amidst the crisis of central banks in recent periods, attention has now turned towards most of the major cryptocurrencies, which have witnessed large inflows by investors. Below we will mention to you the best emerging digital currencies, and they are:

  • Bitcoin currency - BTC

  • Ethereum coin - ETH

  • Ruble currency - XRP

  • Stellar coin - XLM

  • Solana coin - SOL

  • Uniswap coin - UNI

Dollar and major currencies today

Today, the major currency markets witnessed severe fluctuations for many of the major currencies traded in the market. The US dollar came on top of these currencies, followed by the Canadian dollar, then the Swiss franc, the euro, and finally the pound sterling.

** For other currencies :

  • The euro rose to $1.0675.

  • The British pound rose to 1.2192.

  • The Japanese yen rose to 131.77 yen per dollar.

  • As for the Australian dollar, it rose to record now around $0.671.

What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a digital record through which transactions made by means of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are saved, as they are recorded in a chronological manner.

What is a digital currency wallet

In the world of cryptocurrencies, there is what is called a wallet. In short, it is a system that allows you to receive and store these currencies, and then send them to others as well.

** There are two types of these electronic wallets:

1. Software wallet: It is the wallet that you install on your computer or smartphone. Through this wallet, you have complete control over all your electronic transactions, but this type of wallet is difficult to install and maintain at times.

2. E-wallet: This wallet is called a hosted wallet. It is a wallet that is hosted by a third party. However, this type of electronic wallet is easy to use and contains high levels of security to protect your digital funds.

** What makes an investor successful | The golden rules of investing

Dollar and major currencies today

How can I buy coins

The most common way at this time to buy bitcoins is currency exchanges such as "G Dax, Bitstamp" or directly through trusted intermediaries through market and auction sites.

As for making purchases, there are many ways, for example: cash payment, credit cards, bank transfers, and payment using other digital currencies.


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