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What makes an investor successful? | The golden rules of investing


What makes an investor successful  The golden rules of investing

There is no doubt that investment has become one of the important things in our time and is a must if you want to build wealth and secure your future and your life, and although the matter seems simple, investment is not easy in practice.

Below we will explain to you the most important golden tips that help you achieve your investment goals:

1. Keep calm and don't rush: Investing is highly volatile

Many people tend to invest in stocks because of the attractive returns they achieve in the long term, but the stocks do not rise by 10% every year, but are exposed to fluctuations continuously.

Sometimes we find that it rises quickly and then decreases more at other times, but these fluctuations are what create opportunities to obtain attractive returns.

Some investors may tend to sell when things start to go bad, but through your commitment to calmness and continuity in investing, you can then achieve the fruits of the future.

2. Set realistic goals

The essential part of achieving your investment goals is setting realistic goals that you seek to achieve in the first place. If you imagine that you will achieve large investment returns in the beginning, you will likely be disappointed and this will lead to incorrect decisions such as taking excessive risks.

In this matter, you must understand the market well, then set goals that suit your capabilities and develop them over time.

3. Ignoring short-term expectations

The investment world has plenty of people who claim to be experts and even make predictions about where the stocks and the market will go next.

But the truth is that no one can predict what will happen in the future, I know that it may be difficult to ignore these predictions because those who make them are individuals who provide strong arguments for falling into you and that all you have to do is not heed these temptations

4. Savings

Investment was able to attract many people because of its enormous ability to develop wealth significantly over time and that a small amount of money can be converted into a large amount in the long term, but you, the investor, must save money in order to secure the volatile investment market as we mentioned above.

Here, the best way to save money is to assume that you will earn a lower return, and then you will be surprised at the end that the return has become higher, which will end up with you living a better lifestyle in the future.

The golden rules of investing

5. Do not set market times

When the economy begins to slow down immediately, fears about a possible recession begin to increase. Some investors in this case sell part of their investments and wait for better times until they return, but this strategy has some drawbacks.

And that the best thing is to invest continuously over time by calculating the average cost of the dollar and this is a strategy that is better than market timing.

6. Admit your mistakes and fix them

Studies have shown that most investors have a tendency to hold on to losing investments for long periods in the hope of recovering from them, and this is wrong.

None of us like to admit that they were wrong, but admitting that mistake quickly and accepting the mistake and working on improving it is a good investment habit that you must adhere to so as not to lose all your money.

7. Learn constantly

Some novice investors tend to overconfidence in what is around them easily, which leads to the occurrence of many risks. Excess confidence may lead to the belief that you are able to overcome the market, and this is a very difficult matter. Rather, most investors fail in this task, so you must not stop learning and Learn from the mistakes of others.

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The last tip

Everyone is now turning to investments in order to secure their financial lives and achieve wealth and independence, but you must know that there are many stumbling blocks at the beginning, so do not despair.

Instead, create a plan either through a broker or on your own and work hard to stick to that plan without being distracted by market fluctuations and other distractions. Mastering these tips may help you develop your investment mindset and increase the likelihood of achieving your investment goals.


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