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Where to invest in the coming period | Bitcoin, gold, real estate or stocks


Where to invest in the coming period  Bitcoin, gold, real estate or stocks

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Crypto today

Cryptocurrency markets witnessed significant gains during the past few hours, after positive news about saving the banking sectors from falling by injecting sums of money, which led to the rise of the crypto market above a trillion again.

  • Bitcoin rose again in the past few hours to now reach $22,398, making up for the large losses it experienced last week.

  • Ethereum also rose by 9%, now at $1,602.

  • Litecoin also rose to $77.45.

  • While the Binance Coin rose to record $ 304.9.

  • Ripple XRP price rose to $0.3665.

  • While Dogecoin reaches 0.07024 now.

How high will bitcoin go

The volatility of the past weeks and the recent decline in the cryptocurrency markets drove the price of Bitcoin down from the $25,200 level to $19,800.

According to the opinions of many crypto sites, if the buying pressure process continues, Bitcoin price may witness a relative rise to the resistance again at $21,500.

currencies today

  • The US dollar fell today, Monday, against all major currencies, but stabilized against the Canadian dollar.

  • The euro currency rose today to 1.064 dollars.

  • The Japanese yen also increased slightly to 134.79 yen per dollar.

  • The Australian dollar rose to $0.663.

  • The New Zealand dollar also rose to levels of $0.616.

Where to invest in the coming period

currencies today

Many investors today struggle with determining the best investment in this period, and does it look good to pump money into any of the following investments: bitcoin, gold, real estate, or stocks, which we will explain in this topic the potential of bitcoin, gold, and real estate in investment.

1. Invest in Bitcoin

A large group of investors currently considers that the digital currency in this era has become a successful investment, as they call it digital gold, as the value of the world's first digital currency, which is "Bitcoin", has increased since its invention in 2009 to thousands of dollars.

But now it has witnessed a significant decline of more than 70% of its value since it was introduced, but experts expect it to rise again soon.

Investing in gold

Investing in gold is a fixed rule for centuries for many investors, as everyone who wants a safe haven for their money searches for it. Gold has witnessed great growth over the years, and during the past two years its value increased by 5 times, which led to some investors supporting investment in gold. Because of her rare ability and steady show.

Investing in real estate

An excellent investment option for generating passive income and building the wealth you want, but it depends on economic conditions and markets, so it is surrounded by many risks, such as what happened to it during the epidemic period.

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Investing in stocks

A great investment also yields a great return, and with the development of technology in this period, investing in stocks has become within everyone's reach.

But it is an investment characterized by high volatility as well, and therefore investors bear many losses. Over the past years, the stock market has been associated with the digital currency market, as some have viewed it as an alternative asset.

Important note

At the end of the topic, we must warn that a good investment is an investment that is compatible with the financial goals of the investor or trader, whether in bitcoin, gold, real estate, or stocks.


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