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How to Make Money Online for Free - Best Ways to Earn in 2023


How to Make Money Online for Free - Best Ways to Earn in 2023

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I want to work online and earn money

In this era, the Internet has become a place rich in good opportunities, whether (educational - professional - profitable), the labor market today no longer operates traditionally as it was in the past, but has been able to transform into the global market through which you can find your suitable opportunity and take advantage of this transformation to make a profit right for you.

After you have read this topic well, your source of income will no longer depend on the country in which you live only, but will turn into an additional good profit for you from anywhere around the world.

The best ways to profit from the Internet without capital 2023:

1- Earn Money With Google AdSense

You must have visited one of the websites one day and you have seen ads inside it, although it may cause you some inconvenience, but the owners of those sites are placing these ads for profit through viewing these ads.

It is now a good source for making a profit from the Internet provided by the famous Google companies, which Google AdSense is one of the branches of this company, and even the most famous around the world for profit from ads.

When you own a blog or a website such as Blogger and other specialized companies that give you the creation of websites, all that these companies require is to open a free account on the Google Adsense site, after which you will be provided with a code of your own that you put on your site and after it is approved, it is through it Track the traffic of views on the site and then determine your net profit through those visitors.

What is the value of profit from Google Adsense ads?

The value of the profits that you can get through this company may vary according to several factors, the most important of which are:

  • The type of ads displayed on your site.

  • Advertising prices on your website.

  • How many ads are posted on the site.

2- Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Whether you own a website or intend to create one now, do not hesitate to try the method that I will mention to you today, which is one of the most popular types of profit from the Internet, which is known as " affiliate marketing ".

Through affiliate marketing, you can agree with many different partnerships and international and local brands around the world that support this feature and whose services are compatible with your website. These companies may give you a special code that you get when you register in one of the commission marketing applications such as “Amazon, Noon, Jumia, dealer" and other companies.

Every time a visitor uses your link when purchasing a product or service within the shopping sites, you get a percentage of the profits related to the product that he purchased, but make sure that your choice of products is good according to its agreement with the content that you provide. in your site.

3- Make Money as a Consultant

Another different way to make money from the Internet lies in providing consultancy. If you are an expert in a specific field, it is expected that you will find people who are willing to pay good sums of money in order to obtain your own advice in this field related to their personal and practical goals.

You may now think that you do not have enough experience to provide consulting to companies, but you should not despair and know that the number of individuals who search for consultations in areas of specialization daily is very large on Google search engines.

Develop your expertise and then start opening a free account on a site called, through which you can provide consultations in various areas of daily life in exchange for sums of money offered to you.

I want to work online and earn money

4. Online courses

This method is similar to the profit from consulting that we mentioned above, as we find in the fact that this method depends on exploiting a specific skill or experience that you possess.

Where you can provide online courses in any field that comes to your mind, through which you can achieve additional income for you, for example, offering courses on:

  • Cooking lessons.

  • Marketing and business.

  • Sports of all kinds.

5. Make Money on YouTube

We hear about a lot of people who were able to make good profits from YouTube, and from the large number of them you may think that profit from YouTube is an easy thing that can be achieved once you create a channel on that platform, but in fact there are many things that you should know in the beginning before you enter In this field, especially since this path will require you a great deal of time and effort, you must have a strong determination so as not to feel despair.

In spite of all this, there are many opportunities awaiting you, as the famous YouTube platform has provided all users around the world with the opportunity to make a profit through this giant site, as YouTube has many channels in various fields, and the owners of these channels make a profit by There are many ways to " Adsense ads - marketing " in the event that these videos that they show get large percentages of views.

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Google AdSense for YouTube

In order to be eligible to join the YouTube Partner Programs and monetize, your channel must meet the following conditions:

  • There are no violations on your channel.

  • Achieving the requirement of 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

  • The presence of at least 1000 subscribers in the channel.

  • Owning and activating an AdSense account and linking it to your channel.


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