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How To Become A Successful Investor In 2023 - The Golden Rules Of Investing


How To Become A Successful Investor In 2023 - The Golden Rules Of Investing

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How To Become A Successful Investor In 2023

Having previously talked about the many benefits of investing, especially in this period, today we will present to you a few simple rules that investors can follow in achieving success and profit.

Anyone can make money when the market is rising but when the market prices are in a volatile mood, the investors who succeed in this difficult period are the ones who have successful long-term plans.

Here are some of the golden rules of investment and some famous phrases of professional investors that make you a successful investor who is able to make a good profit.

First tip: never lose money

Let's start with some great advice from the legendary investor " Warren Buffett " who famously said ( Rule number one is never lose money, and rule number two is don't forget rule number one ).

It is easy to say not to lose money, but what Buffett's rule means is that you should not be attracted to the positive aspects of an investment and that you should look for the negatives first.

For example.. If you are not getting enough return for the risk you are taking, then investing at this time is not worth it. Just focus on the negatives first.

In light of the volatility of stocks, however, it depends on the profit strength of international companies, as with the rise in profits, stocks will also rise over time.

Second tip: Think like your own owner

Professional Chris Graff says the famous phrase, “Think like an owner,” which is to remember that you are investing in a business, not just a stock.

Whereas, while many investors treat stocks as a gamble, real companies stand behind those stocks and since the company's performance is doing well or poorly, over time the company's shares are expected to follow the direction of its profitability.

Third tip: Commitment

Some investors advise that you should not deviate from experience and truth, even if there are difficulties that make you doubt yourself.

When the market fluctuates, you must at this time not deviate from your plan and continue to adhere so as not to lose your money, as these fluctuations are mostly temporary.

Tip 4: Buy when everyone else is scared

The stock market is the only market in which goods are sold but everyone is afraid to buy, as investor Buffett says his famous phrases, "Be afraid when others are greedy, but be greedy when others are afraid."

Fifth Tip: Preserve your investment

It is important that you continue to save over time, both in harsh and good climates, by continuing to invest regularly, this will pay you back positively in the future.

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Sixth tip: diversity

Having a portfolio in which there are many stocks no matter how well they perform for you, but you have to distribute your investments in a diversified portfolio.

Where experts say, if you had to choose only one strategy to take into account when you make the investment process, the diversity here can help you overcome the frequent stock market fluctuations.

Tip 7: Avoid timing the market

Investors are always advised to avoid trying to time the market, i.e. trying to buy or sell at the right time. You should buy regularly to benefit from the average cost of the dollar.

Eighth tip: Have experience before you invest

Never invest in any product that you do not understand and make sure the risks are clearly disclosed to you before investing.

Whatever you invest in, you need enough experience to understand how to profit from it well. For example, if you are buying a share in a company, at this time you need to know when this share is likely to profit. If you are buying a fund, you also need to understand how it is handled and what it costs.

Ninth Tip: Review your investment plan regularly

You should constantly review your plan to see if this investment suits your needs or not, which you can do when you check your accounts regularly.

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Tip Ten: An emergency fund

You must have an emergency fund, not only to get you through tough times but so that you can continue to trade and invest for the long term.


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