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Gold or Bitcoin or Oil - the best performers in 2023


Gold or Bitcoin or Oil - the best performers in 2023

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Bitcoin is an encrypted digital currency that has been exposed to some severe fluctuations in its prices since it was first announced in 2009, as it is a digital cryptocurrency consisting of complex data that is used for a variety of purposes, the most important of which are: online purchases that are traded globally in many ways, such as stocks on stock exchanges or Trading applications and other ways of using Bitcoin, as it is the first decentralized cryptocurrency.

And about buying this currency... There may be many ways to buy bitcoins, where you can buy them directly or indirectly through what is called traditional brokers or through some crypto platforms.

Bitcoins use a wide range of their own encryption systems, it is a protocol called the blockchain.

Investing in Bitcoin

The world's most famous digital currency, Bitcoin, which suffered many crises in the past year, along with many other cryptocurrencies, has attracted the attention of many investors around the world, the most important of which is the investor "Goldman Sachs" because of its new general performance.

At the beginning of 2023 .. Goldman Sachs described Bitcoin as the best performing currency in the world, by placing Bitcoin first in the list of the highest-performing investment products such as gold, oil, real estate and other investments.

After knowing all this, it should be noted that Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, meaning that it does not follow any supervision and there are not enough legal procedures to protect you and investors from trading this currency.

How to make money trading gold

The age in which we live now is the age of gold, and the common question about investing in gold is when to buy and when to sell and how to keep our money with a guarantee of profit?

As we mentioned above, Bitcoin was able to rank first in the list of the best investments this week, and although Bitcoin has achieved significant rates in the short term, it remains the weakest performing currency among the major currencies due to the cases of inflation and global crises that it was exposed to in the past year. .

These days, everyone lives in very difficult economic conditions because of what we are witnessing in terms of economic crises, global conflicts, wars, and diseases that have spread widely in recent times, as investors resort to the safe option, which is investing in gold, because the gold index now enjoys continuous increases.

Why do investors prefer gold?

Investors prefer gold for various reasons :

  • Some believe that gold is a safe store of value, unlike other investments such as currencies and others.

  • Others believe that gold is a good tool against the inflation that the world is suffering from now.

How to invest in oil

How to invest in oil.. One of the popular questions during the recent period, due to the rise in crude prices and their recording of numbers not seen in the markets for the past 14 years.

Global wars and crises have caused the economy and oil and gas investments to suffer significantly, and energy has been subjected to a significant collapse, but the strong fluctuations in oil prices have led to an increase in the interest of professional investors in trading in the markets, as oil has once again attracted the attention of investors during this year due to the remarkable recovery for him.

Ways to invest in oil

There are 3 main types in which you can find the answer to the question: How to invest in oil, and they are:

  • Investing in futures and options contracts.

  • Investing in contracts for difference.

  • Investing in oil stocks and exchange-traded funds.

Best oil companies to invest in

Ways to invest in oil

1. Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco oil and natural gas company is one of the largest global companies in terms of revenue, as it was able for a short time to overtake the famous American technology company ( Apple ) as the most valuable company in the world last year.

However, analysts expect that Aramco's revenues and profits will decline over the next year from last year's highs, but Saudi Aramco remains a company that works to promote sustainability and secure energy at reasonable prices.

2. Exxon Mobil Corporation

The American Exxon Mobil witnessed good increases in the price of its shares, reaching levels of $105.57 per share.

As ExxonMobil continues to invest in some of the most profitable oil and gas projects in the world, this is a good motivation to attract many investors around this company.

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3. Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Company announced that it decided to move its headquarters from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom late last year, as it also witnessed huge rises in its share price, reaching the level of 20 pounds sterling, which amounts to 24.23 dollars.

Here we can say that.. Whoever wants to know the best way to invest in oil with a little money, they should search for shares of oil companies and exchange traded funds that are compatible with their budget.


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