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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in 2023

Newspapers and global trading and investment platforms indicate the unprecedented large trend of investment capital owners in the Middle East and North Africa regions towards digital currencies and forex, as statistics indicate that these investors will work to increase their investments in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects in 2023.

Despite the slowdown and major crises that the crypto markets were exposed to in the past year, the number of capital used to finance the crypto world and the trend of many major countries towards this investment exceeded all expectations.

In addition, the Middle East region has witnessed large investments in the recent period, especially in the areas of encrypted digital currencies and blockchain, such as what the United Arab Emirates and many other countries are doing.

Digital currencies are back

Cryptocurrencies were able to turn from collective declines to record significant gains in the recent period, as cryptocurrencies entered a wide wave of ascent today, Sunday, the end of January, after falling last week.

Through today's transactions, the market's digital currencies were able to overcome levels of $1.02 trillion, jumping to levels of $1.07 trillion, according to statistics.

What happened ?

Tesla revealed its great support for digital currencies and that it still believes in the importance of investing in digital assets in the long term, as traders and analysts considered that the announcement of a large global company such as Tesla to the virtual currency market will change the value and view of countries of these markets.

Indeed, after this announcement, bitcoin jumped from $22.4 thousand, reaching its highest level in a long time, to $23.8 thousand, in addition to the significant increase in trading volumes, which also jumped insanely.

The digital currency market now

  • Ethereum rose after last week's decline, reaching $1,650 levels.

  • BNB/USD also increased during Sunday's trading, reaching $305 levels.

  • Ripple currency rose to levels of $0.41, with a market value of $20 billion.

  • Cardano rose to $0.37 levels, Dogecoin also increased to $0.086, and Solana rose to $25.

Note.. This topic is about monitoring the movement of market fluctuations, knowing that trading in digital currencies contains great risks, including the risk of losing your investment and money, in addition to that it is not fully subject to specialized regulatory bodies.

The digital currency market now

Forex news today

The US dollar approached its lowest level against major currencies on Sunday, with investors anticipating the central bank's meetings.

Where some pointed out that the reason for the weak trading operations is due to official holidays in major countries such as Australia, in addition to the celebration of the Lunar New Year in some Asian countries.

** Gold or Bitcoin or Oil - the best performers in 2023

Currency rates against the dollar

  • Record trading of the pound sterling currency today, to 1.2400 dollars.

  • On the other hand, the euro fell to $1.0911.

  • The Canadian dollar today reached 1.3399 against the US dollar in its latest transactions.

  • The Australian dollar also rose to $0.7117.

  • And the New Zealand dollar today, it rose to 0.6486 dollars.

  • The exchange rate of the Russian ruble rose against the US dollar in the Moscow Stock Exchange trading today as well.


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