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14 Years of Bitcoin - What Happened to Coins and Crypto ?


14 Years of Bitcoin - What Happened to Coins and Crypto

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14 years of progress

The age of the most widespread currency around the world " Bitcoin BTC " has reached 14 years since its inception until today, the encrypted currency that was able to make a big difference within the digital currency and forex industries as well.

Bitcoin appeared for the first time through a working document submitted by a person named " Satoshi " the inventor of this currency, to publish it in mid - 2008, as this document stated that BTC is a new electronic cash system that includes working independently of any institutions. Financial and without the presence of a server or a central bank.

It took this project a lot of time to be implemented in reality, as the first financial transaction in the real world was announced in 2010, when a person exchanged 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas, which were worth $ 25, so the value of the BTC currency at that time was four only cents.

As for traders and investors around the world, they traded Bitcoin through dark webs that are free from censorship.

After that... Bitcoin reached its highest levels in 2021 despite the losses and crises that this currency and the entire crypto market were exposed to, but traders are still optimistic about Bitcoin's ability to replace the official paper currency and reach the highest levels in the near future.

The success of Bitcoin and Ethereum also had a significant impact on the prosperity of many other digital currencies and the adoption of crypto by many major countries.

Coins and Crypto

Cryptocurrency mining

Digital currency mining companies have gone through very difficult years and crises due to the harsh conditions experienced by the crypto markets, the collapse of the largest trading platforms such as FTX, global inflation and the rise in interest rates by the Federal Reserve to control inflation to the influx of American investors.

The problem facing mining operations currently is that some miners mine bitcoins and sell them in the market, in return they get money to pay their company's operating costs and expenses.

A global company that pays employees' salaries in digital currencies

The famous Huobi Exchange forced its employees to accept salary in USDT / USDC currency instead of traditional cash currencies, provided that if this method of payment was refused, they would be fired, which sparked protests against the company by employees.

A new digital currency outperforms everyone

One of the cheap cryptocurrencies rushed to a very high level during the beginning of the new year to steal the limelight from everyone, as a currency called LDO / USD launched to top the list of the 100 largest digital currencies today, Friday.

In just 48 hours, the " LDO COIN " rose from $0.9 levels to $1.2 levels, an increase of more than 33% during these moments of today's trading.

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market now

  • Bitcoin, the largest digital currency, rose during Friday's trading, reaching $16.8 thousand.

  • Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, rose to $1.2 thousand.

  • Binance Coin USD/BNB increased towards $247 levels.

  • Dogecoin rose to $0.072.

  • As for the new currencies, "Polygon Matic - Litecoin - Trax - Chiba Inu - Solana - Uniswap", they also witnessed significant increases during the New Year 2023 transactions.


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