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plus 500 create account - investing 2023

plus 500 create account - investing 2023

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plus500 investing

Plus 500 is a global broker for investment and trading, as this platform provides all users from all over the world with a variety of asset classes for trading in addition to the ease of use on smart phone applications and computers as well.

Plus500 is a global regulated and licensed platform that enables investors from more than 50 countries to trade and profit from the differences and is available in 32 different languages, which avoids risks while trading.

plus500 pros and cons


  • A licensed and secure trading platform that only offers CFDs

  • It provides you with real-time quotes in addition to advanced analytics tools.

  • Plus500 free demo account that enables you to trade and invest without risk.

  • It contains a lot of tools that help you to trade easily.


  • This platform lacks corporate trading accounts.

  • There are no educational resources.

  • The social trading feature is not available.

Who is the Plus500 platform suitable for?

Plus 500 includes a wide range of tools for trading that may be somewhat difficult, as novice traders cannot use and deal with them.

The platform is best suited for professional investors with significant experience in the markets, as well as traders who are sufficiently familiar with the cryptocurrency and forex markets.

But.. still novice traders can familiarize themselves with this app with the demo account that does not expire, which can hide the more difficult features.

Types of Plus500 Accounts

Plus500 offers accounts for individual traders, this platform offers daily deposit limits of up to $300,000 at once and the Plus500 Professional trading account offers higher leverage.

However, individuals need to meet two of the three conditions set by Plus500 to obtain this professional account: proof of business activity - value of the asset portfolio - proof of employment.

plus500 investing

Free Plus500 account

Opening a free Plus500 account gives you access to a trading environment without paying any commission, but you must calculate the differences between bid and ask prices, which are clearly displayed on this platform. For example, if the spread for the EURUSD is 0.6 pips, there may be some fees, including "Account Inactivity Fee - Overnight Funding - Currency Exchange"

Plus500 platform security

If you have problems, the Plus500 platform features a support team that provides assistance through various channels in addition to having more than 32 different languages around the world.

As for user funds... They are held in bank accounts separate from Plus500's operating funds, and accounts are secured with two-factor authentication to ensure that accounts remain secure.

In addition, the Plus500 platform has obtained regulatory approval in all regions in which it operates.

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plus 500 create account

Opening a demo account is easy. Signing up and completing the registration takes a few minutes once you are on the site, but verifying real money accounts takes a few days depending on the workload.

And on how to create a real account on Plus 500, follow the following steps :

  • Click on Start Trading Now.

  • Complete the online registration procedures required of you.

  • Next, provide proof of residence and the necessary documents to verify your identity.

  • Wait until you are approved.

  • Deposit funds to start the trading and investment process on the platform.

*** The minimum deposit amount on the Plus500 platform is $100 ***


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