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earn $100 : affiliate crypto - trade station 2023

earn $100  affiliate crypto - trade station 2023

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Cryptocurrency, which is known as "digital currency", is a type of currency that has many virtual uses, as it is considered one of the most important digital assets in the current era.

As soon as the slightest problem occurs in the markets, immediately the fears are largely allayed because cryptocurrency transactions are protected by cryptographic systems which are secured via tokens.

affiliate crypto

If you have ever wondered why so many companies use software for cryptocurrency, the answer is that it offers very distinct benefits.

Where crypto networks today offer these advantages in order to be able to attract new clients daily in addition to high commission fees for new traders with the possibility of easy access, so that anyone with a reliable Internet connection can use them.

Today there may be companies that are primarily funded by cryptocurrencies, knowing that payments made in cryptocurrencies cannot be cancelled, which has helped protect cryptocurrency publishers and affiliates.

How to choose the best cryptocurrency affiliate program

With so many crypto networks in the global market and growing every day, you should focus on the following items :

  • Commission rates: Not all networks offer the same commission value, and they vary greatly, so you must choose the most suitable for you.

** For example, some affiliate marketing programs for the most popular cryptocurrency "Bitcoin" pay a commission of only 5% while some other platforms offer up to a maximum of 50% at the beginning.

  • Reputation and Support: Some brands may be more trusted than others, but the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs have built their quality over time and you can quickly tell.

  • Payment methods: Another point that is overlooked by new investors is the means of payment methods, as the ideal platform provides as many as possible with the ability to pay via cryptocurrency also quickly and safely.

Best Crypto Affiliate Programs:


1. Binance

The Binance referral program appeared with an attractive incentive of 50% on BTC trading fees, however the commission for referrals was reduced to 20% in 2018.

To participate in this referral program, all you have to do is go to the Binance registration page and then create an account with: your email address and password and then you will be asked to verify your email address.

Due to a sudden spike in site registrations, you may see a message indicating that your registration has been temporarily suspended for review.

2. Paxful

The Paxful Affiliate Program provides a serious opportunity to earn money for all traders by promoting the affiliate marketing of the paxful platform.

When a direct affiliate trades through your referral link , you will earn 50% of the guarantee fee as a commission and you can earn an additional 10% if a referral makes a transaction on this program.

3. Coinbase

Coinbase in 2012 created a world in which fiat currency was no longer necessary.

Where it created an affiliate crypto program, through which you can get a percentage of the trading fees for each referral link, in addition to that there is no limit to the number of people you want to refer to the Coinbase program.

4. CoinMama

It is a global platform that sends its monthly payments of Coinmama commissions at the end of the following month, where payments are made once 3 successful orders have been referred by at least 3 unique users.

This method is to use your personal referral link to send customers to Coinmama and earn a percentage of their purchases.

They give a bonus of 15% of any purchases your referrals make for the duration of their account.

5. Trezor Wallet

Once you subscribe to the Trezor network, you will receive a commission of between 12 - 15% on each sale you refer to this platform, knowing that it deducts VAT from the total sale price.

Affiliates of this program can access their accounts and fully manage their online campaigns at any time, with click performance checks and detailed analysis of your purchases and your affiliate link.


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