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Breaking news: a massive rise in cryptocurrencies and forex - crypto ira


Breaking news a massive rise in cryptocurrencies and forex - crypto ira

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The celebrations of digital currencies continue without stopping, as the world-famous currency "Bitcoin" was able to reach its highest levels after long periods of severe decline, as it is now about to exceed the levels of 18 thousand dollars.

The rises that occurred in the digital currency markets today appeared after the issuance of the US inflation decisions last Tuesday, which reinforced the markets' expectations regarding the Fed's tendency to ease policies related to the dollar currency.

The past weeks witnessed many fluctuations due to the rise of the dollar and its reaching strong levels, which prompted traders to migrate to high-risk encrypted digital currencies and stocks as well, and their direction to invest in forex.

However, now with the shift in dollar trends in recent periods, the digital currency market has begun to record limited increases after the wave of losses that it remained in throughout 2022, especially after the collapse of the most famous digital currency platform, FTX.

global crypto

The crypto market's gains expanded during trading today Thursday December 15, and a few hours before the US Federal Reserve's decision on the interest that everyone is waiting for...

The market value of digital currencies has increased by more than $40 billion, reaching levels of $875 billion.

Bitcoin now

The currency of the largest digital currency, "Bitcoin", rose during these moments of its transactions today by 4%, reaching the level of $ 17.9 thousand.

The market value of Bitcoin rose to $343 billion, a good increase compared to last month, while Bitcoin is still striving to rise since the beginning of the year.

alternative currencies

The second largest digital currency in terms of value, "Ethereum", increased by 5%, reaching the level of $ 1330, bringing its market value to $ 162 billion, and for other currencies, it also witnessed a significant rise, the most important of which is :

  • Ripple rose by 2.5%, reaching $0.39 levels

  • Dogecoin increased to $0.09.

  • Cardano 3 rose to $0.31.

  • Polygon Matic increased to $0.92.

  • Polka dot rose to $5.3 levels.

  • Litecoin rose 4% to $78.5 levels.



The Binance Coin exchange witnessed a rapid recovery after the platform’s decisions to stop withdrawing the stablecoin Binance USD, as this currency rose during these moments by 4%, reaching the level of $ 275.

fx platform

  • The dollar managed to achieve significant gains during the day, Thursday, after the decision to raise interest rates.

  • The euro fell to $1.0651.

  • The British pound is still stable at $1.2386.

  • The New Zealand dollar fell to $0.6440.

  • The Australian dollar fell to $0.6826.

  • The Chinese yuan fell to 6.9643 per dollar.

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very important

This article does not at all express a recommendation or nomination for a currency, but rather a mere statement of monitoring the movements of market volatility, as trading in digital currencies involves great risks, including the risk of losing some or all of your investment amounts, knowing that they are not fully subject to regulators and markets.


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