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Cryptocurrency News - When does the Bitcoin drop stop?


Cryptocurrency News

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Cryptocurrency Today

Cryptocurrencies recently suffered from US inflation, which exceeded all expectations, and to this day failed to recover from this setback, in addition to the exposure of the Bitcoin currency to many pressures, especially after the Federal Reserve’s decision on the interest rate.

And about the wave of violent fall that the crypto market witnessed during trading yesterday, Monday, the digital currencies surprised everyone by a collective rise to win more than 50 billion dollars in just a few hours.

As the market value of the cripto market jumped from the levels of 880 billion dollars during Monday’s trading, to reach 940 billion dollars during these moments of today’s trading, Tuesday 20 September

When does bitcoin's decline stop?

The world's most traded cryptocurrency, "Bitcoin", continued its rapid decline to a new 3-month low of $18,390, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Bitcoin may now be trading down 5% in the past 24 hours despite a surprising 64% rise in daily trading volume.

Bitcoin's market cap went from $1.27 trillion last November to just under $354 billion, according to data.

At the moment... nearly $16,700 will be trending as the lowest price for bitcoin after the Federal Reserve's decision regarding the cryptocurrency interest rate in this week's trading.

Ethereum tracking bitcoin

The Ethereum currency today, which is the second largest digital currency in terms of market value, has decreased to less than 1300 dollars, or 11 % during the past 24 hours.

After Ethereum's merger on September 15th, Ethereum lost more than 20 % of its value, as its market value is now about 159 billion dollars, according to CoinmarketCap.

Traders and investors have been severely disturbed in the long term due to the declining price movements these days, as more than $ 433 million of more than traders in the digital currency market were liquidated in only one day, according to Coinglass.

When does bitcoin's decline stop

Alternative currencies

  • The Bennes Quinn coin increased by 3% to $ 270.

  • The Ripple reached a level of $ 0.38.

  • Cardano's currency increased 2% to $ 0.44.

  • Solana decreased at 32.4 dollars in this week trading.

  • The 3% Doug Quinn coin promoted by Tesla now rose to $ 0.058.

  • While Bolka Dot reached $ 6.3, Polijon Mattik rose to $ 0.75, and Shaiba Eno rose to $ 0.0000108.


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