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Cryptocurrency Ignores Netflix Ban - New Competitor Presents Credentials


Cryptocurrency and Netflix

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Cryptocurrency and Netflix

Cryptocurrencies have succeeded in overcoming the shock of the famous American television broadcasting giant, “Netflix”, by entering into a wave of collective rises, as transactions today rose by more than 100 digital currencies during these moments, while the market value during these moments reached a trillion dollars, with gains close to 60 billion dollars during Just a few hours.

The digital currencies were subjected to a severe wave of declines in conjunction with the decline in the stock market and major currencies, and in light of the strong gains of the dollar and the continued tightening of the Federal Reserve to counter inflation.

ban netflix

In an unsuccessful attempt to boost revenue, Netflix announced last July that it would launch a cheaper subscription category featuring commercials, and in return, Netflix would ban digital commercials on its ad-based streaming service.

It has been reported that streaming giant Netflix has already banned commercials related to cryptocurrency on its ad-supported subscription category.

According to those reports, the new tier will no longer display ads selling products to children, as well as considering restrictions on pharmaceutical advertising as well.

Netflix's new subscription category starts operating on November 1 in many countries, including "the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France." As a result of the great losses it suffered after announcing this decision.

New competitor presents credentials in cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has been nicknamed with many characteristics, including “loud, deceptive, baffling” but it could not withstand, as it was frighteningly subjected recently, causing many problems for traders and also exchanges that benefit from the large Bitcoin prices.

This opens the door to Ether… the new contender that is poised to advance the crypto world by moving to a more agile and flexible blockchain.

Reports pointed to a relative increase in the trading of ether and its derivatives as a side effect of weak bitcoin volatility, with a market capitalization of nearly $190 billion versus bitcoin's $380 billion.

** Cryptocurrency: Project and expectations for the future of cryptocurrency

An Arab country with the most residents invested in crypto


Dubai is becoming increasingly crypto-friendly, as the UAE is already one of the most important crypto hubs in the Middle East and West Asia, and hopes to become a global hub as well.

Notably, Dubai is a free zone dedicated to commerce and commodities and some time ago, DMCC launched its own Crypto Hub, an integrated ecosystem of crypto companies that have already registered thousands of transactions in digital assets and cryptocurrency companies.

While the UAE’s policy towards digital currencies is now aimed at making them more flexible and efficient for the use of Arab citizens, it aims above all to attract crypto companies to its territory.


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