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cfd plus500 - plus 500 trading platform review


plus 500

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plus 500

During the economic recession of 2008, investors were looking at various ways to find a solution to this problem until the Plus 500 Company came along.

Plus500 platform, is a trading company established on the Internet after its registration in the London Stock Exchange in 2008, where it works to provide a service for contracts for difference, which is called "CFD".

The quality of the Plus500 trading platform

Plus500 trading platform, this platform is good to understand because it has a professional and clear design, CFDs are very difficult financial products, professional traders must have enough knowledge and experience with the platform in order not to suffer any financial losses.

Beginners can learn the trading process regarding the free unlimited demo account that Plus500 offers to encourage investment in this major global platform. There are many flexible elements that can be adapted to the trader’s investment style with the ability to display all trading fees clearly in addition to the prices market so that the trader can choose what suits him with ease.

Features of Plus 500

  • It has a clear and simple user interface.

  • easy to use.

  • Suitable for both experienced and novice traders.

  • Transparency trading.

  • Available for smartphones and computers.

  • Trading training and gaining experience through the free demo account.

How to trade on Plus500

How to trade on Plus500

1. Choose your market to trade

You can choose the markets that suit you on Plus500 among the categories of “Stock Assets, Options and Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Foreign Exchange, ETFs” as the program automatically filters the most popular assets for you.

2. Analyze the charts on the platform

You can analyze the asset chart in Plus500 software by setting the price chart in different time units, as well as using popular indicators.

3. Buy and sell the asset directly on the platform

At Plus500, you can set orders on rising or falling CFD prices. With one click you can buy and sell.

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Free Plus 500 Account

Using your own email and password, you can open your account on the Plus 500 platform within seconds.

Before making the first deposit, the broker will need more information about you, the advantage is that Plus500 gives the trader an accurate step-by-step guide so it's hard to make mistakes.

The account must be verified with certain documents and strict regulations, and to do this upload a copy of your ID and proof of your residency so that you can enjoy all the functions of the trading platform.

It only takes a few minutes to review that information, the verification is also done very quickly and if you have any further questions the live chat is ready to help you directly.

** This free virtual account simulates real money trading so the trader can trade and invest without risk, so you can easily test the trading platform extensively and gain new experiences without worrying about losing your money.

How to deposit and withdraw with Plus500?

The minimum deposit is only $100, as the broker allows you to trade with a small capital in addition to the fact that you can use many different payment methods such as Paypal, PayPal and other most popular payment methods.

This platform supports credit cards, e-wallets and the traditional method of bank transfer, after that the withdrawal is processed regularly within 1-3 days where you have to pay attention to all the payment details otherwise there may be a big delay.


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