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BREAKING: Bitcoin and Ethereum Sudden Rise - A coin of less than 0.01 cent sweeps everyone away


Bitcoin and Ethereum today

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Bitcoin and Ethereum today

The crypto markets witnessed a sudden rise in the early hours of Tuesday, September 27, as the world's most famous cryptocurrency (BTC) regained its special place in the cryptocurrency market again today, reaching the level of $20,000.

Bitcoin, the largest currency by market capitalization, rose more than five percent in trading today, and Ether, the second largest digital currency, rose by 4 percent this week, reaching $1,389.

** Regarding the monetary currencies, the dollar fell slightly today, after it recorded new high levels yesterday.

With the huge rises in the cryptocurrency market today... Ethereum has joined Bitcoin in an upward trend.

Ethereum (ETH) also saw some positive changes in its trading today, rising 6.4% to $1,382.

After the consolidation that we have talked about in many of the previous threads, ETH price fell from above $1700 and has failed to bounce back since then.

Today's largest cryptocurrency recorded gains amid high trading volumes, pushing the total market cap back to a trillion dollars.

A coin of less than 0.01 cent is going crazy

While digital currencies are still struggling to survive and get rid of the decisions of the US Federal Reserve that prompted investors to avoid and migrate cryptocurrencies and stocks alike.

Today, a cheap currency appeared that was able to achieve great success in recording strong rises during its trading today.

Reserve Rights currency

This currency is called "Reserve Rights", as it rose by more than 15% to reach the value of $0.008552.

Where the Reserve Rights currency managed within only 4 days to reach the 70% rate, after which it jumped from the level of $0.005 to the level of $0.008552.

Today, Reserve Rights RSR is the 98th cryptocurrency giant in terms of market capitalization with a market capitalization of $340 million.

US state accepts tax payments in cryptocurrency

Colorado residents can now pay their taxes using cryptocurrencies.

Whereas, according to the Colorado State’s announcement of the new update on the payment of tax dues to citizens, these payments can be made through the PayPal payment method that supports many digital currencies such as: Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin.

** To make this payment, only $1.00 will be charged.

Important note

This topic does not express a recommendation or nomination for any trading or succession process, but rather is merely a monitoring of the movement of market fluctuations, as trading in cryptocurrencies causes a lot of high risks that may expose you to losing some or all of the investment amount, knowing that it does not Fully subject to the financial authorities and markets.


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