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binance trading platform - earn crypto while learning binance


binance trading platform

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binance trading platform - earn crypto while learning binance

Have you heard about Binance and want to start using it?

Now.. the Binance platform is one of the largest trading platforms in the cryptocurrency markets and also provides you with a great experience when making deals.

But to make this possible, you should know how to trade on Binance properly, it can be a bit tricky when it is your first time in this app, but in this topic we will make things easier for you just keep reading what we have about the platform Binance trading.

What Is Binance?

In 2017, Binance was established in China. This company is a crypto-to-crypto exchange platform.

This indicates to me that it can only be used for cryptocurrency trading only. More than 500 of them are available, as well as some trading options such as Litecoin, Ether, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin.

Binance Coin Explained

Binance has its own token, which is known as Binance Coin or BNB.

The first BNB offering on the exchanges raised an estimated $15 million in 2017, whereby people who use BNB can pay their trading fees to get a lot of discounts.

This platform may be used by many companies in order to raise funds, which made the method very easy and allows cryptocurrency companies to raise funds without having to go through very difficult complex processes or methods such as bonds and stocks.

How to Trade on Binance

You can trade on the global Binance using cryptocurrencies when you first join the Binance platform and start using it, you just have to buy the first bitcoin or BNB that we talked about above.

 but in order to do these operations you will have to follow a set of steps:

1. Create your own account on the Binance platform.

2. Account Funding.

3. Start the trading process.

Open your account

As we mentioned above, you need to open an account if you want to trade on the Binance platform, you just have to go to the main page of the Binance website and then click on register, after that you will be sent to a specialized registration page where you will have to provide an email address and set up a password.

Prices and terms

Next, Binance will let you review a set of terms of use to agree to, after which you can click Register and an email will be sent to your Gmail. Once you prove ownership you can start trading.

start trading

Now it's time to start trading. Point the cursor at the word Trade and then click on Basic or Advanced, it will show you all the details of the currency market.

In order to sell BNB for BTC at the current bitcoin price, you just have to choose BTC in the right panel, then click on BNB/BTC and you will see the corresponding trading page.

Keep scrolling down until you see the option to buy BNB and sell BNB. Enter the amount you want to sell, then click on the “Sell BNB” bar after that to see the specific sell order Wait for the open order to complete, once it happens your Binance trade will be completed successfully.

How to Trade With Binance

Advantages of Trading Binance

  • It has a simple interface.

  • This platform is very secure.

  • Binance platform supports 1500 cryptocurrencies.

  • Your trading can be set up very quickly and from your mobile phone

  • It has a lot of protection against scams and scams.

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In the end

We have provided a detailed explanation of trading on the global Binance platform.. This topic is not a promotion or anything else, but rather a continuation of our website in following all new and exclusive about cryptocurrencies and trading platforms popular in the markets now only.


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