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Dollar Soars to 20-Year Highs - Ancient Bitcoin Whales Wake Up


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Dollar Today

Today Monday, the US dollar witnessed an unparalleled rise, reaching its highest levels in nearly 20 years against other major currencies.

The dollar rose 0.8 percent to 138.81 yen, after reaching its highest level.

Among the other official currencies:

  • The yuan fell to its lowest level in two years at 6.9321 per dollar.

  • The euro currency also fell 0.25 percent in European trading to $0.99415

  • The Australian dollar fell to $0.6838, its lowest level

  • The pound sterling fell to $1.1649

  • Finally, the New Zealand dollar currency also fell to its lowest levels since mid-July, reaching $0.61.

The old bitcoin whales are waking up.. what's going on?

According to the latest cryptocurrency developments, the old bitcoins that entered the market rallied significantly as bitcoin fell under $20,000.

In periods of extreme volatility and especially nowadays, investors tend to split their holdings among many different portfolios to manage their wealth more effectively.

But even if the money is transferred for sale, it is likely that the coins will pass through a trading desk outside the trading platform rather than dumping them in the markets.


** We will not let the market collapse, save the cryptocurrency market

Why is the number of crypto billionaires rising every year?

Many people have started to invest in cryptocurrency because of the great success stories that can be obtained in this new and rich world.

It is possible to become a crypto whale and own a huge fortune by trading and investing well, the cryptocurrency market may grow every day and there are many opportunities for crypto and whale investors to grow their assets and become billionaires in the crypto market space.

The cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile market however, it brings with it risk.


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