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What are cryptocurrency wallet trackers?

Cryptocurrency wallet trackers... are third-party tools that connect to your own encrypted wallets with which you can provide a great view of the stats of your crypto holdings instead of manually tracking each transaction.

All users can sync their crypto wallet with their wallet tracker and permanently withdraw all data, including total “gains/losses” for the respective tax year.

As for new cryptocurrency users and traders, you should know that your tax status before filing is very important for accurately paying taxes on potential capital gains and reporting losses.

How do cryptocurrency wallet trackers work?

Each app works differently, as the best crypto wallet trackers can accurately monitor the price changes of your crypto assets, show you the total financial value of your wallet and set prices every time you make a transaction.

Cointracker App

CoinTracker Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet and tax manager for accountants and investors looking for tax solutions.

Coin Tracker seamlessly syncs all your transactions automatically and displays your development on a simple dashboard, showing your market capitalization in real time and enabling traders to improve cost accounting by harvesting tax loss.

You can get your performance indicators by date and cryptocurrencies on a daily basis, CoinTracker may support more than 300 exchanges and more than 10 thousand cryptocurrencies based on the exchange, and what is also special about CoinTracker is that you do not need to enter your transactions manually, the application will automatically Keeps track and organizes everything so you can file your taxes the right way.

How does Cointracker work?

If you have OTC cryptocurrency wallets, you can use the Add Wallet Tab and enter your wallet address.

Once done, select the digital asset your Coin Tracker Wallet stores, as this global platform supports over 300 exchanges and 10,000+ cryptocurrencies such as “BCH, BTC, DASH, DOT, EOS, and ETC” as well as displaying market capitalization, investment performance and customization Your wallet in real time and for certain tax purposes based on your needs.

 It can also determine your accounting method and determine the source of crypto income, some common sources might include Airdrops, Payments, mining rewards or blockchain forks.

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Register for CoinTracker

Cryptocurrency wallet tracker

  • Click Try it Free You will be redirected to Coinbase to grant read-only access to the CoinTracker app, using Google or email

  • Select CryptoRank and wait for the page to load

  • Connect all your wallets and exchanges so CoinTracker can calculate cryptocurrency taxes and create your own tax forms.

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