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Best stock trading software 2022 - online stock trading


Best stock trading software 2022 - online stock trading

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Trade stocks and currencies 2022 - trade stocks with crypto

With the beginning of the 21st century and the tremendous technological development reached by humans and the spread of Internet networks around the world, especially in personal use, the use of the concept of stock trading and cryptocurrency trading has spread greatly.

Smartphones and computers now occupy a large area of most of the times of Internet users, which led to the use of all this development in trading operations, whether through stock and currency trading applications or by investing in the stock exchange, and below we will learn about the best application for trading shares and currencies. in 2022.

What is the difference between trading app and trading software - trading software vs trading app

There is a big difference between the term trading application and the trading program, as the trading program is a program that is used through desktop devices such as a computer or laptop, while trading applications are applications that are used by smart phones (iOS - Android).

Through these applications and programs, the trader can trade stocks, coins, and cryptocurrencies, and he can also sell, buy and execute all trading orders.

Advantages and features of trading applications

Trading applications and programs give many advantages and characteristics to all users, including:

  • Analysis and follow-up of the financial markets and all economic news directly, moment by moment.

  • Follow-up and analysis of the user's trading deals.

  • Trade more quickly.

  • Unusually fast access to trading accounts at any time.

Best stock trading software 2022 - online stock trading

1. Forex Hours App

Forex Hours is an app that gives traders an instant and comprehensive view of the state of the forex markets around the world.

It shows the actual time that the trading market opens in each country, and also gives traders a professional view of the times when there is the largest volume of forex trades as well as when to take advantage of the volatility.

** Forex Hours app supports iOS, Android

2. The App

The popular trading app helps you with many advantages, including:

  • Real-time prices as you trade many of the financial instruments that are traded on the global exchange markets.

  • Updates with all new and exclusive about the events moving the forex market.

  • The ability to create a customized portfolio for you so that you can track the health of your investments.

3. Trade Interceptor

Trade Interceptor

This application features a set of advanced features such as:

  • The ability to trade currency pairs.

  • It has more than 160 chart indicators.

  • It has 14 different types of charts specialized in the global trading field.

  • Possibility to make hypothetical (demo) trading using historical price data.


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