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We will not let the market collapse, save the cryptocurrency market


cryptocurrency now

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Cryptocurrency crisis

Global indicators have indicated in the current period that the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a severe decline and collapse.

The creator of the global ecosystem, the famous Bitcoin system, indicated that he is ready to join many companies related to the cryptocurrency market in order to support the scattered crypto companies.

He has also indicated that he is willing to spend close to $5 billion to stem the decline of the cryptocurrency crash.

Cryptocurrencies and exchanges

Despite the news that spread about the cryptocurrency market in conjunction with the defense of cryptocurrencies by the Emir of Serbia, cryptocurrencies were subjected on Monday to a collective wave of sudden decline.

Global markets are awaiting the US Federal Reserve's decision regarding interest rates this week, which will negatively affect investors in the stock market.

The market value of digital currencies in its dealings today in the crypto market fell from 1.06 trillion dollars, to decline in its value in the cryptocurrency market to 60 billion dollars.

** New changes in the world of digital currencies 2022

Bitcoin and Ethereum now

The value of the most famous digital currency around the world, "Bitcoin", fell during today's trading to 21.97 thousand dollars, which is 4%, while the value of the second largest digital currency, "Ethereum", declined by 6%, down to 1.52 thousand dollars.

market now

  • The value of "Binance Coin" has fallen to $ 255, and its market value is now about $ 41 billion.

  • The "Ripple" currency fell at these moments to $0.34, and its market value is currently at $17 billion.

  • The "Cardano" currency fell 5% to $0.49, and the "Solana" currency also declined by 6%, reaching $38.


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