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New changes in the world of digital currencies 2022


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Visa launches exclusive bitcoin card

With the beginning of the 21st century and the arrival of tremendous technological development and the spread of Internet networks around the world in addition to the multiplicity of human uses, the encrypted digital currency market appeared, which is now fiercely competing with traditional currencies in banks, which made major companies compete with each other to acquire this world that will change the world soon.

As the cryptocurrency markets expand, many companies have started looking for a solution by which they can integrate digital assets into their daily operations.

In light of this intense competition, the major global company called "VISA", which owns most of the world's payments, has launched its own exclusive VIP crypto credit card called "bitcoinblack" in the sisterly United Arab Emirates.

As Visa announced this release according to its press release yesterday, July 3, according to this announcement, the card, which was first launched last year 2021, is only available to a certain number of people from all over the world, allowing them to convert Bitcoin."BTC" is the most popular cryptocurrency today into spendable cash, as well as many other major digital currencies.

According to what has been mentioned so far, this card is well secured with digital currency for all users and also offers distinct advantages, including: Bonuses of up to 10% in the company's exclusive SPND tokens.


Visa may grant holders of this exclusive card to spend rewards on many items in the bitcoinblack market, which is the first organized online store that specializes in trading what it takes to invest in crypto currencies, in addition to discounts on hours, cars, charter plane deals, entry to the private palace and other Items already on the market and likely to be released soon.

Commenting on this great development, the head of Bitcoinblack explained that Bitcoin Black is very suitable for all high income individuals who want to use and invest their cryptocurrency for work or pleasure, wherever they are in the world as Visa has more than 140 countries where Visa is accepted.

He also indicated that the card is characterized by ease of use for anyone, as they can load their digital currencies through the web program or the awaited and proposed bitcoinblack wallet application, which will be announced soon.

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A new cryptocurrency platform announces the suspension of withdrawals

Today, customers and investors were surprised by a shocking event, which is that the Fayold platform in Singapore stopped all withdrawals of digital currencies, in addition to trading and deposit operations.

With the expansion of the repercussions of the collapse of the company's digital assets, Fayould announced that this decision is based on a number of compelling factors such as: The high volatility in global markets, which has led to users withdrawing more than $180 million since June 12.

The CEO of this company said that Fuld will redraw a new map through which it can control all withdrawals and solve this problem.

This decision came after the collapse of Bitcoin and Ethereum by more than 70% and the decline to its lowest level, with the market fleeing from risk amid severe fears of slowing economic growth.


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