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Urgent - A new digital currency triples in value in moments


digital currency

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Digital currencies or electronic currencies, is a type of new currency that does not have a physical presence on the ground, such as coins and banknotes, but is only available in digital, intangible form. The origin of the digital currency dates back to the nineties of this century and was adopted in 2016 by many countries around the world. the world such as Canada, China, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

A digital currency is a financial balance recorded electronically on cards and devices of value, and digital currencies have similar characteristics to coins, but also superior to them in that they allow instant transactions without borders, but this cryptocurrency is always risky due to the fluctuation of prices in moments.

A new digital currency that doubles its value in moments

Today, the PROM/USD currency transactions jumped 3 times in the market, to reach $12.6, and with the sudden rise of the Prometos currency, it is still far from its historical peak recorded in 2021, which reached about $70.

The Prometos coin has jumped 100% in just 30 days, 10% in 60 days and is down 30% since the beginning of this year.

And the value of the promising PROM/USD currency now may reach 150 million dollars, while it ranks 154th among the global digital currencies.


This article does not express a recommendation or recommendation for a currency, but rather is just a monitoring of the fluctuations of digital currencies in the global market. The trading of digital currencies involves very high risks, including losing some or all of your money while investing in these currencies, and there are many Countries to this day have not allowed the trading and investment of digital tokens.

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Bitcoin Cash Loses 98% Against Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash

The most famous currency around the world, known as Bitcoin, reached new highs during this week's trading.

Reports have confirmed that today, Bitcoin Cash against Bitcoin has officially reached its lowest price since its inception.

Bitcoin Cash also gained notoriety in the past years when it announced its complete separation from Bitcoin.


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